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Forest School & Outside Play

Our qualified Forest School Leaders provide fun and exciting sessions in our Forest Schools.  Children love learning and exploring outdoors, and our forest class creates a fun and exciting environment for them to learn about nature and start to use basic tools in a safe and controlled way


Children are stimulated by the outdoors and hands on learning and typically experience, over time an increase in their:

  • Self-belief
  • Confidence, 
  • Learning capacity, 
  • Enthusiasm, 
  • communication, 
  • Problem-solving skills 
  • Emotional well-being.

Why is this beneficial to your child?

Outdoor play has been proven countless times to be amazingly beneficial for a child’s growth, learning, and development. This is especially important given today’s current landscape. With so many children playing on smartphones, iPads, and watching television, all being proven to have negative impacts on their learning and development, it has never been more imperative to introduce outdoor activities into your little one’s life.

Outdoor play

Our outside play facilities

Each of our 7 beautiful nurseries benefit from having large outdoor play areas, all with separate baby gardens to give the babies a calmer more sensory environment in which they can experience the fresh air and outdoors.


Within the outdoor play areas are lots of equipment such as towers with slides and climbing walls, playhouses, trikes, bikes, ball games, a trampoline, sandpits, and water trays. At each nursery we like to encourage at least two outside play sessions a day, weather permitting of course!

Exploration & Learning

Outside play presents a wonderful opportunity for learning and exploration. Children are inherently curious, constantly seeking new information and amazement, of which nature has plenty. To help with this, each garden has a planting area in which the children are encouraged to learn about plants and how they grow. The children love gardening and growing their own plants and vegetables, caring for them each day and watching them grow!

Want to see how your little one could fit into one of our wonderful nurseries? Have an explore, we have lots of information about each location and virtual tours available online.

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