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Meals & Nutrition

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Meals & Nutrition

The food that children eat at nursery plays a huge role in what food they eat later in life. Children’s eating habits are formed at a very young age, and the choices, tastes, and nutritional quality of the food they eat at this age will have a long-lasting effect on their food preferences and health in later life.


We are committed to serving your children healthy, balanced, nutritious foods, full of flavour that they will love, giving your child the energy they need for a busy day of play, learning, and growing.

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What’s on the menu?

Menus are carefully planned, and a menu is displayed in each nursery every day, detailing the set meals for the day. In addition to a balanced lunch, our children also tuck into breakfast, a morning snack, and afternoon tea. 


Breakfast is served 8-8:30am in the nursery, offering the children a yummy and healthy start to their day. With fresh fruit, cereal, toast, porridge, and a variety of healthy spreads, washed down with a glass of orange juice, milk, or water, your child will have a multitude of wonderful options to choose from.


All of our breakfast choices ensure health and taste go hand in hand, serving our cereal with low sugar and salt content, wholemeal bread, and healthy spread options. We encourage your child to get at least their 5-a-day with fruit or vegetables on offer at every meal.


We provide healthy cooked lunches and desserts from Zebedees catering company. All meals are designed to be well balanced and nutritional, as well as tasty. Zebedees’ hot two-course nursery lunch menu operates on a three-weekly cycle and is changed seasonally to ensure variety and a balanced diet.


Combining fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, and organic pulses, we use only healthy cooking methods such as baking, braising, steaming and boiling to prepare our nutritious dishes.


During the day we like to provide the children with nutrient rich snacks to keep their energy up throughout the day for all the fun activities we have planned. They have a wonderful variety of options to choose from with different healthy, tasty choices each day.

Afternoon tea

To see your little one through to dinnertime with you, we love to sit down for a nutritious, yum-filled afternoon tea. During this meal, your little one can indulge on wonderful freshly cooked food with lots of vegetables to contribute to their five-a-day. 

Dietary requirements

If your child has any special dietary requirements or needs based on medical conditions, an allergy, religion, or cultural requirements, then please let us know! Your child’s safety and happiness, as well as your own comfort as a parent or guardian that your child is in safe hands, is very important to us. Your nursery manager will be happy to discuss anything with you.

meals and nutrition

Mealtimes are a sociable occasion and an opportunity to learn. We encourage the children’s independence by enabling them to feed themselves, serve up their own food, and set the table and clean up afterwards. We promote good manners and food etiquette, as staff sit with the children and share stories and laughter. The children learn about healthy eating in nursery with various projects and topics being covered. At mealtimes, staff encourage children to try different foods and talk about the importance of eating healthily to grow up big and strong!


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