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The Key Person Approach

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The Key Person approach

At Townsend Montessori we believe it’s important for every child to have a special relationship with a member of staff, so the Key Person approach allows a personal relationship to develop and enables 1:1 support for your child’s individual needs. 


The Key Person secures a bond with your child to enable them to express themselves and be creative in their own learning. The Key Person provides a stimulating environment ensuring the learning opportunities provided supports your child’s interest with both planned and spontaneous activities. 


The Key Person is responsible for your child’s individual care needs too and, in their absence, we provide a ‘Buddy’ who will also develop a close relationship with your child and can continue their care in the absence of the key person. We ensure both the Key Person and Buddy roles are intertwined to provide consistency in your child’s learning and development, along with their individual care needs


We encourage parents to share experiences from home with the Key Person, so together we can create learning opportunities for your child from all aspects of their lives. 

Celebrating individuality

We recognise every child’s individuality, efforts and achievements, believing that relationships between adults and children are crucial for the child’s happiness and security. Whether they prefer to stay close to our side at first before branching out or whether they run off immediately to make other friends and come back only when they need us, your child’s wishes and wellbeing will always be prioritised.

Supporting Change

We understand that nursery can be a difficult period of change for a child, whether they join us from 3 months old or halfway through their nursery journey. With this in mind, we ensure that every need of each child is met, with our caring staff responding sensitively to their feelings, ideas, and behaviour, giving them comfort and reassurance.


Your child’s Key Person will offer them a sense of security and continuity and will usually be the one to feed, change, and soothe them. They are in the best position to understand your child’s individual needs and to share information with you about your child’s experiences in nursery.

Developing relationships 

Your child’s Key Person will help them to develop relationships with other members of staff and, most importantly, with other children their age! They will observe them as they play so they can plan future opportunities and experiences that best meet their needs and interests.

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