Townsend Montessori Nurseries Limited provide a range of fun, stimulating and exciting activities to support your child’s growing development. Staff carefully plan activities according to the children’s current interests and tailor these to promote the next steps of their development. They provide activities that enable the children to be active learners and think critically about what they do.

The activities available in all rooms are age- and stage-appropriate. However, if a child shows an interest or a skill in a certain area, their key person will be able to plan and provide activities to further this. This activity will also be made available for other children in the group to try. The planning incorporates adult-led and child-led activities, outdoor activities and children’s individual next steps.

During Montessori activities, children are encouraged to become self-confident and independent through practical life activities, such as the dressing frames. Children work with the sandpaper letters and numerals to build on their recognition using their tactile sense. Through cultural exercises, each child learns about the natural environment which surrounds them.

We also provide extracurricular activities for the children once a day including music, yoga, football and dance. These provide the children with the opportunity to further their creativity and express themselves freely.

The children are encouraged to be independent and to contribute to the nursery routine. They help to lay the table for lunch, clear away plates, wipe down tables, prepare snack and set up activities. The nursery has boundaries, which the children are made aware of and therefore are able to respond to the expectations of others. Children are encouraged to join in group activities, make friends and respect each other.