At Townsend Montessori Nurseries Limited, each child’s wellbeing is supported by a well-experienced staff team, including the key person with whom both you and your child will form a special relationship.

Children form strong bonds with staff and make friendships with the other children. Staff work with the children to build their confidence and self-esteem, enabling them to make decisions for themselves.

Children are supported with their self-care and encouraged to become independent in a variety of age-appropriate ways. We have nose-wiping stations in each classroom, where children use mirrors to blow their own noses and place their tissues in the bin. We also encourage good hygiene by encouraging children to regularly wash their hands. Visual timelines are displayed throughout the nursery to further support children with their daily routines.

Children are supported to behave well, play cooperatively and develop their independence. This is encouraged through the ‘nursery rules’. These are simple, and the children share these with each other. These include: no running inside – use walking feet, use kind hands, share with others and use words and not actions. These rules help to ensure that everyone is kept safe and set some boundaries that all children are able to follow.