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Explore the virtual library of our favourite books for children! Which will you choose?

Little ones (0-3 years)

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle


With lots of repetition and rhyme, The Very Hungry Caterpillar follows the journey of a Caterpillar as it eats various foods and becomes a beautiful Butterfly. This fun book is great for all ages, from babies to children, teaching counting and the days of the week with colourful illustrations.

That’s not my… by Fiona Watt


The That’s not my… series comes in many different variations including: That’s not my Dragon; That’s not my Llama; and That’s not my Bee, plus many, many more – we mean it, you can get this book in any variation imaginable! These books are wonderful touchy-feely books for babies and toddlers with bright colourful images and lots of things to spot and touch.


On each page there is a little white mouse that your little one can be encouraged to spot. This helps in the visual development of your baby and the differentiation of colours and objects, as well as their sensory development through the different textures.

5 wild shapes by Camilla Falsini


With lots of colourful shapes and animals, this wonderful book introduces your baby to basic shapes. While listening to the rhyming text as you read to them, your little one can trace the shapes and look at the animals on each page, developing their cognitive and motor skills.

Dr. Seuss’ ABC by Dr. Seuss


This wonderfully whacky and colourful picture book by renowned author Dr. Seuss, introduces the alphabet to children through short poems about a variety of weird and wonderful characters.

Don’t tickle the hippo by Sam Taplin


From the creators of the That’s not my… series comes Don’t tickle my hippo. With touchy-feely patches that make animal noises, your little one won’t be able to resist playing with the different textures and making the Hippo snort.

Guess how much I love you by Sam McBratney


Guess how much I love you focuses on a strong father-son relationship, demonstrating true friendship and endless genuine familial love. The book centres around how much you can possibly love someone, following two rabbits as the son tries to express to his father how much he loves him, to which his father responds with greater and greater things, eventually saying ‘I love you to the moon and back’.

Oh no, George! by Chris Haughton


This wonderful, brightly coloured picture book follows George, a dog who keeps making mistakes no matter how much he means well. By the end of the book George learns how to take responsibility of his behaviour and make amends for the damage he has caused, trying to be better. Alongside a funny tale, this book teaches children the important lesson that everyone makes mistakes, it’s how we deal with these mistakes once we make them and how we act upon second chances that really counts.

We’re going on a bear hunt by Michael Rosen


This classic tale follows a family as they go on the hunt for a bear, with each page bringing a new obstacle that they have to overcome before they can continue on their search. The repetition and imagery are all engaging and interesting for children, the storyline helping their imagination to develop and grow. This fun tale will also encourage your child to enjoy going on walks and overcoming any obstacles they encounter in their lives head on.

The going to bed book by Sandra Boynton


No child enjoys having to go to bed, but with the help of this book, your little one will see bedtime as a positive, fun, and cosy experience. The animals depicted in the book portray how fun this can be, modelling joyful bedtime habits.

Not quite so little ones (3-5 years)

Elmer by David McKee


This classic tale is about Elmer the elephant, who was born differently to the other elephants in his herd who are all grey, whereas Elmer has bright multicoloured patches all over him. Elmer’s fun and quirky personality matches his bright, colourful body and he soon finds that the world would be a much duller place without him and his individuality in it. Elmer presents a wonderful story of embracing who you are and being happy within your own skin.

Once Upon a World by Chloe Perkins


This beautiful selection of children’s books celebrates diversity through classic fairy tales. Each story follows a princess in a different country and culture, including Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and the Princess and the Pea. This helps to teach children about different cultures and introduces diversity into the world of fairy tales and princesses, allowing every little one to be represented.

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson


When a small mouse gets lost in a scary forest, he invents stories of a mystical Gruffalo to scare off anyone he encounters, imagine his surprise when he encounters the real Gruffalo who wants to eat him! He cleverly outwits the Gruffalo, convincing him that instead, he is the scariest, most dangerous animal in the forest. With the simple rhyming pattern, beautiful illustrations, and fun storyline, this beloved children’s book will teach your child that you don’t have to be big and scary to be safe, you can easily outwit those who appear scarier and bigger than you with intelligence. It teaches them to stand up to bullies and be happy with who they are, as well as encouraging imagination growth and creativity.

Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae


This fun and touching tale follows the journey of Gerald the giraffe who wants more than anything to be able to dance, but with his long neck and clumsy nature, he finds it harder than you might think. By the end of the book Gerald finds his own rhythm to dance to, with the encouragement of a friend. This book builds self-esteem and confidence in children, showing them that everyone is individual and wonderful and can express themselves in their own unique ways.

The squirrels who squabbled by Rachel Bright


The squirrels who squabbled follows two greedy squirrels in their battle for the last nut of the season, teaching children about sharing, teamwork, and the importance of friendship.

Winnie the Pooh by A. A. Milne


We couldn’t forget about our dear old Pooh Bear! Winnie the Pooh is a collection of adventures all following the trials and tribulations of Winnie the Pooh, a toy teddy bear, and his friends Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore, and many more in the Hundred Acre Wood. As a long beloved and classic novel, Winnie the Pooh teaches children about accepting differences, friendship, fun, and imagination. This book is suitable for children of reading age and is also a great one to read to smaller children, with beautiful illustrations and small adventures.