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Our Favourite Books

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Our favourite books

We love books! They are collections of endlessly useful and exciting pages bursting with information, just waiting to give you enjoyment and learning.

For children

For your child, reading is one of the best and easiest ways to improve their literacy skills including their writing, reading, vocabulary, and grammar. It is also a fantastic way to teach them about the world and grow their imaginations, allowing them to read about a multitude of adventurous, metaphorical, and fantastical worlds and characters that both differ and relate to their own.

For parents

As a parent, we understand the need to escape from the noise and zone out for a moment or two to yourself. We all need support sometimes, and one of the most informative and expansive ways to learn more about childcare is through books! Whether reading a bedtime story to your little one or if you want to read a top parenting book, we’ve got you covered.

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