baby in purple fuzzy babygrow

The individual needs of babies are catered for by our qualified and highly trained staff. The environment has been especially designed to stimulate babies’ senses and to create safe, clean and calm home from home surroundings. We operate under Ofsted guidelines ratio of 3:1.

Baby rooms at Townsend Nurseries

All the furniture in our baby rooms is made from natural materials and is the perfect height to help children be independent in selecting their own toys and activities.

The rooms include a playhouse with slide, tunnel and slope, where children can develop their gross motor skills. There are role-play and messy play areas, arts and crafts, puzzles, a reading corner, ride-on toys and much more.

Babies can engage in creative play using malleable materials, sand and water play, texture experimentation, sensory development equipment, and mark making using a range of different materials. Creative play is an important part of a child’s development and is therefore incorporated into their routine on a daily basis.

Staff plan fun and exciting activities based on each child’s interests and needs.

Every baby room at Townsend Nurseries has separate sleeping and changing rooms. The sleeping rooms are equipped with cots and small beds, and staff members check on sleeping children every ten minutes to ensure their safety.

Meals and snacks

The nursery provides healthy and nutritious cooked meals, along with healthy snacks and drinks. Children’s routines from home are recognised and mirrored in the setting to provide continuity of care. In addition, staff liaise closely with the child’s parents, recognising them as the child’s first and most important educator and ensuring a successful three-way partnership is formed between child, staff and parent.

Development records

Every baby has a daily diary, where you will receive information about your child’s day at nursery, for example what they have eaten, how long they have slept, nappy changes, and the activities they have been doing. Of course, staff are always available for chats and will give you feedback about your child’s day.

Each baby also has a folder in which we document their progress and development through observations and reports. Activities are planned on the individual interests and needs of the children.

Moving up

When the children are ready to move up to the next room, they will go for visits with their key person, who will settle them into their new environment.