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As your child reaches the two-year-old age group, alongside fun and creative activities we also encourage them to expand their independence and develop new skills, such as feeding and dressing themselves and beginning toilet training.


With our huge selection of activities (both 1 to 1 and in groups), play equipment, and outdoor play, your two-year-old will never run out of fun things to do and explore.

Your 2-year-olds care


We believe fun and play is one of the best ways to teach a child, especially if we take their interests into account, as this helps in the development of their minds creatively, academically, and in the broadening of their imaginations and concept of the world around them. We have a variety of play and activity options at our nurseries to keep your child entertained and imaginative, always focusing on their interests, including messy play, ride-on toys, outdoor play, small world play, art and crafts, role play, singing and dancing, puzzles, reading, and creative play using malleable materials, sand and water play, texture experimentation, sensory development equipment, and mark-making.


We also have sleeping and changing facilities available for our two-year-olds, meaning they receive the utmost care and comfort.

Meals & Nutrition

Your two-year-old is at a stage of their development in which they want to start doing things for themselves (sometimes they can be very insistent about this!) and we encourage this by supporting them to feed themselves as much as possible.


We provide healthy and nutritious cooked meals for your child, along with healthy snacks and drinks throughout the day. Your 2-year-old will also be encouraged to learn table manners whilst helping with dinnertime tasks like setting the table before meals, with as much support from staff as they require. We always offer whatever help they need and allow them to learn at their own pace.

Development records

Your two-year-old’s day will be documented in their daily diary, where we record information about what they’ve eaten, how long they’ve slept, nappy changes, toilet training progress, and the activities they’ve enjoyed. If you ever wish to discuss anything about your child, our lovely staff team are always available to chat and more than happy to give you feedback.


In addition to your child’s daily diary, they will have a folder that documents their progress through observations and reports.

Moving up

Moving to a new room and meeting new people can sometimes be daunting to a child, so we aim to make the transition as easy as possible for them. They’ll visit with their current key person several times before they move to their new room and they’ll meet their new key person during these visits so that when they move up, they’ll have a familiar, friendly face that they can turn to for support and encouragement.

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