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Their First Day

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Their First day

We all know that a first day, no matter how old you are, is nerve-wracking. This is especially true for children, who likely haven’t left their parent or caregiver’s side for very long since birth. Therefore, we want to make this transition as easy and comfortable for your child as possible.


A first day doesn’t have to be a scary experience, it can be joyful! This is the reaction we aim to get on your little one’s first day at one of our nurseries. If you are unsure whether to send your child to nursery, it may be reassuring to know that research has shown that children who attend an early years setting such as a day nursery typically achieve better results at school and are generally more sociable and better behaved too!

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How their first day will look
  1. On your little one’s first day with us, their key person (who has already been assigned and introduced to them during their settling in period) will greet them upon entry, giving them an immediate familiar face to spark feelings of security and safety.


  1. You will then say goodbye to them, leaving them in our care. Now, at this stage all children react differently, but none of these reactions are anything to be worried about. Children react to change in very different ways, so when you say goodbye to them on their first day, we try to ensure that your little one copes in the best way. This is why we take the time to ensure that the settling in period is completed in full and until your child is comfortable and happy.


  1. At this stage, thanks to the settling in period, your child should get comfortable very quickly, getting used to their routine – which we mirror from yours at home – making friends with other children, and getting involved with fun activities.


  1. With babies, we will play fun, baby friendly games with them, introduce them to each other, feed them, and let them nap, following the routine you have briefed us on previously.


  1. Children will be able to introduce themselves to each other, while we play group games and help with initial introductions, briefing them on our rules. We encourage kindness, manners, and fun, ensuring every child is included and happy.
Preparing your child for their first day

There are many steps you can take as a parent or carer to ensure your little one’s first day is as seamless as possible.


    1. Prior to their first day, talk your child about nursery, introducing the idea into their heads and giving them positive associations. Talk to them about the routine, how the day will play out for both of you and get them excited about it. Tell them how much fun they will have and how many new friends they will make! Allow them to ask you questions and ask them in return, see how they are feeling about it and encourage them to express any worries or concerns they have.
    1. On your little one’s first day we suggest taking things slowly, creating a non-stressful atmosphere and attempting to diminish any worry your child may have. Try to achieve this by not rushing in the morning, letting them take their time (within reason), and creating positive and exciting associations between them and nursery. This will help them to see nursery as a positive, exciting, and fun opportunity, making that all important transition so much easier.
    1. Dress them in comfortable clothing that makes dressing and undressing easy for your little one, especially if they are potty training.
    1. Another great idea would be to give your child a toy from home that they love, this means that they will have a positive connection to home, and you, giving them comfort whilst they are away.
    1. Be sure to make full use of the settling in period, allowing your little one time to adjust to this new environment.
How to help yourself worry less

Your child’s first day at nursery is not only scary for them, but for you too! The biggest tip is to not reveal this to your little one. If they sense your worry, then they will worry too. A great way to put your own mind at ease is to properly get to know the nursery staff prior to your child’s first day, sharing any information you think they need to know about your child with them. Share their likes, dislikes, and anything that comforts or distracts them. This is easily achieved at TM Nurseries through our settling in period. During this time, we ensure that our staff build a great relationship with not only your child but with you too! We value a trusting and supportive relationship between not only the child and our staff but also with the parents or caregivers. If you have any worries, we are more than happy to chat to you about this, so please feel free to contact us at any time.


During the first day itself, try to keep yourself busy, whether this is with work, friends, or housework. This will keep your mind away from any worries, enabling you to relax as the time flies by until your child can be picked up. Keep your goodbye brief, let your little one know that you will be back to collect them, give them a quick hug or a kiss, then hand them over to a member of staff. The briefer, the better, and don’t keep going back. Don’t be afraid to call us at any time, our nursery staff are always more than happy to talk to you about anything to do with your child, whether these are worries or just seeing how they are getting along!

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