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Home To Nursery Communication

We recognise that parents and guardians are the most important sources of information when it comes to the care of your child. This is why we ensure that the communication between each nursery and the parents and carers with children attending each, is prioritised to provide the best possible care for your child.

Townsend Montessori Nurseries

How This Works


Famly is a nursery software that enables communication between home and nursery. Parents can download the Famly app and receive regular updates of their child’s development. The Key person will share observations, photos and activities of your child while they are at nursery.


Parents can also share any activities from home with the nursery and together we can all support your child’s learning.


Every 3 months your child’s Key person will share your child’s development from each area of the EYFS and track this too. This enables a clear graph of how well your child is developing at nursery and how we can strengthen your child’s learning in the future.

Sharing is caring

We encourage the sharing of information on a daily basis, with us briefly telling you about your child’s day and how they’re getting along and you relaying any extra information you feel would benefit us and your child. We also like to set time aside regularly with your child’s key person to discuss their developmental progress.

Key person progress reports

Each child’s key person is responsible for collecting a portfolio of evidence for their child’s developmental profile, this will then be shared with parents and carers who are encouraged to provide additional information based on their own observations at home. ‘Wow moment’ forms are placed in the entrance to the classroom so parents may fill one out if their child has had any important moments at home.

Parent updates

Throughout our relationship we expect parents and carers to keep us updated on their child’s progress in the home and any changes to their routine, diet, health, or wellbeing too. We strongly believe that parent’s involvement in nursery life enriches a child’s experience and we therefore invite and encourage parents and carers to become actively involved! From sharing particular talents or reading a story (particularly in a differing home language to English), to simply joining us on our different fun days and events.

Families with English as an additional language

We are committed to ensuring that all families feel welcome and included in our nurseries and have adopted certain practices to support families who have English as an additional language! We also support children within each nursery with lots of visual aids, signing, props, puppets, labels, and signs in home languages, as well as multi-language books, tapes, and many more. Our staff also all try to learn key words to help with communication.

Open door policy

Our nurseries operate with an open-door policy, meaning parents and carers may discuss any worries or concerns about their child with us at any time. We are committed to working together with you to resolve any issue or worry. If a parent has a specific concern relating to their child then we encourage them to speak with their key person, who should be able to respond in a more personal manner. Any other issues or worries regarding the nursery can be directed to the nursery manager who can organise a meeting, if appropriate, to discuss them. If the parent is unhappy with the outcome and feels it has not been successfully resolved, they should follow the nursery’s complaints procedure.

We have newsletters, posters, parent socials, nursery events, and open days to keep you thoroughly informed, updated, and entertained throughout your little one’s journey at nursery. We also have a suggestion box in the hallway for any issues or ideas you may have.

Want to see how your little one could fit into one of our wonderful nurseries? Have an explore, we have lots of information about each location and virtual tours available online.

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