It’s time to think about placing your baby into a nursery and one of the main things you may be concerned about is keeping the routine.

You have spent nearly a year bonding with your baby and building a routine around their needs and emotions. We understand that one major question will be ‘How will they follow my routine?’.

The main things

The main things parents talk to us about in their baby’s routine are:

  1. Emotional triggers – things that can upset your baby and make them laugh
  2. Timings for things – times for feeds and foods
  3. Comforters – things that calm your baby when they are agitated or upset

Specific baby questions

Breaking these down to specific detailed questions that will easily communicate your day is the key. But remember, it’s not just about the normal details, it’s important to get across important information about habits that you have built up such as silly, cute things that keep them entertained whilst changing nappies and certain things that calm them.

Your baby’s details

  • Baby’s name
  • Date of birth
  • Nursery they will be attending

Your baby’s feeding routine

  • Bottle times – when you regularly feed your baby
  • Formula provided – what type of formula you use
  • Bottle feed amounts – exact amounts that your baby takes
  • Food times – times during the day when your baby eats things other than milk
  • What they eat – what food they eat at this time

Changing your baby

  • What nappies you use – make sure the nursery knows the brand of your nappies
  • The wipes you use – the same applies for the brand of your wipes as some babies can have a reaction
  • Things they like to do when being changed – it really helps calm your baby during changes if the nursery knows the small things you do to keep them distracted

Baby nap times

  • Sleep times – add any times and durations of when your baby usually sleeps during the day


  • Comforters – what your baby has as a comforter/something that reminds them of home
  • What makes me happy – things that make your baby giggle
  • What makes me sad or upset – things that you know set your baby off

Extra information

  • Additional and useful info. Add anything that you really want the nursery to know. It doesn’t matter how small: if it’s important to you, it’s important to the nursery.

[Download] Get Your Free Baby Routine Sheet

Your baby’s routine is vital when placing your child in a nursery. You need to feel confident that the nursery team will understand what needs to be done and when so your child gets continuity between home and nursery. You can use it with any nursery, and it will help settle any concerns you have about getting your routine across.

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