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Baby Steps to Nursery

Baby Steps to Nursery

Continuing you and your baby’s daily routine through into nursery doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful, just follow these two easy steps.

It’s that time that every parent dreads – sending your little one off to nursery for the first time. One of the main things you may be concerned about is keeping their routine that you have carefully curated over the year you’ve been together. But this doesn’t have to be a stressful or worrying experience.


You have spent nearly a year bonding with your baby and building a routine around their particular needs and emotions. We understand that one of your main questions when it comes to sending them to nursery will be: ‘how will they continue to follow my routine?’. Well, keep reading and we’ll show you how in two easy steps! All nurseries have your best interests at heart so don’t be afraid to share any concerns with them.


Step One: Share with the nursery

The first step would be to share your concerns and your established routine with us! We understand you will have worries and are here to make sure your little one’s transition into nursery is as smooth and comfortable for both of you as possible.


Some of the main parts of a baby’s routine that mothers share with us are:


  1. Emotional Triggers – things that can upset your baby or make them laugh.
  2. Timings – allocated times for feeds and food.
  3. Comforters – things that calm your baby when they get agitated or upset.


Remember, we are here to help YOU, so share any information you want with us and we will do our best to make you and your baby the happiest you can be!

Nurseries for your baby

Step Two: Break it down

No, sadly we don’t mean dancing, unless you really want to. Break down these concerns into information points, to help us understand what you’d like from us! These break down points might include:

Your baby’s details:

  • Baby’s name
  • Date of birth
  • Nursery they will be attending

Your baby’s feeding routine:

  • Bottle times – when you regularly feed your baby
  • Formula provided – what type of formula you use
  • Bottle feed amounts – exact amounts that your baby takes
  • Food times – times during the day when your baby eats things other than milk
  • What they eat – what food they enjoy

Changing your baby:

  • What nappies you use – make sure the nursery knows the brand of nappies your baby needs
  • The wipes you use – the same applies for the brand of wipes as some babies can have a reaction to certain wipes!
  • Things they like to do when being changed – what helps calm your baby during changing, like we said, we want to make this the most comfortable transition possible for you and your baby. Even knowing the little things that keep your baby happy or distracted during changing will be really helpful in ensuring this.

Baby nap times:

  • Add any times and durations of when your baby usually sleeps during the day.


  • Comforters – what your baby has as a comforter / something that reminds them of home.
  • What makes your baby happy – things that make your baby giggle
  • What makes your baby sad or upset – things that you know particularly worry your baby or make them upset.

Extra information:

  • Any additional useful information – add anything that you really want the nursery to know, it doesn’t matter how small – if it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

Download our simple baby routine form by clicking the link below, to ease your worries.

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