We never close due to staff sickness

Our nurseries run with extra staff, so if a staff member is off sick, then their absence is easily covered. As a last resort, we also use bank staff or cover from other Townsend Montessori nurseries.

We never close for staff holidays

As our nurseries run with extra staff, we are able to cover staff holidays without having to close. We also have our bank staff and cover from other Townsend Montessori nurseries.

Extended opening hours

Our nurseries are open 7.30am–6pm, with a select few opening 7am–6.30pm. We only close for Christmas and bank holidays.

We offer up to 30 hours free childcare

All three and four year olds and some two year olds are entitled to 15 hours per week of free childcare. If you are working parents, you may be entitled to up to 30 hours per week of free childcare. You can use this at our settings in a number of different ways to meet your requirements.

We are inspected by Ofsted

We are regularly inspected by Ofsted. This means that we are graded every three to five years on how we are performing in all aspects of the nursery. We also notify Ofsted of any significant events that happen within the nursery.

We are inspected by the Food Standards Agency

The Food Standards Agency regularly inspects our kitchen and the quality of the food that we serve, ensuring you peace of mind in knowing that all of your child’s food is prepared in a safe and hygienic way.

Children are cared for in different age groups

Due to the size of our nurseries, we are able to split children into different ages and stages of development. This ensures that the environment is specifically designed to maximise their learning and development potential, along with encouraging your children to make close bonds with a number of children of a similar age.

Specifically designed for childcare

The whole building is designed with the needs of small children in mind. From the toilets to the kitchen, everything is carefully planned out to suit the needs and interests of young children.

Staff team with different areas of experience and expertise

Our large team of qualified and experienced staff ensures that we are able to provide expertise in all areas of children’s learning and development. For example, qualified teachers and Montessori teachers help the children with their learning, while our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator ensures that children with additional needs are well supported. With our admin team, cleaners and dinner person, nursery managers and staff are left with only the important job to do: looking after the children.

Early Years Foundation Stage

We follow the government framework Early Years Foundation Stage and keep records of children’s development. Your child’s development will be closely documented through observations, tracing and reports. Staff plan activities based on the children’s interests and needs.

Whistleblowing system

Staff work as a team and are very rarely left alone, which minimises the risk of any accusations. Staff are encouraged to speak to their manager if they see anything that concerns them.

Professional environment

Staff are trained to act in a professional manner. Confidentiality is very important, along with providing a welcoming and caring environment.

Wide variety of different sessions available

We offer a wide range of different sessions to suit your requirements. Sessions range from two mornings or afternoons and anything in between, up to five full days.

Key worker system

Every child will be allocated a key worker, who is responsible for their personal care and documenting your child’s learning and developmental progress. Sometimes a key worker is chosen for a child; other times the child chooses their own key worker, as they develop a close bond with a certain member of staff.

Extracurricular activities provided by professionals

We bring in outside professionals to carry out fun and exciting activities with the children. This ensures that they are provided with a high quality of teaching with each specific activity.


My child has developed very well since being here. Staff are extremely friendly and support all pupils well. It’s just a very lovely place.

Jason Bangura